ASAP Transcription Services offers state-of-the-art digital phone-in transcription services. The system is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, accessible via a toll-free 800 number, which is provided to all clients. Turnaround time is 24-48 hours from the time of dictation, although expedited turnaround times are available upon request.
We offer affordable and flexible options that will not only meet your deadlines but won't break your budget. No job is too big or too small.
Please take note of some of our specialties:
We are an excellent choice for your medical transcription needs. We start by creating a flexible solution for your individual practice. We then set you up as a client with a user name and password to access our system. You can begin dictating almost immediately from any touchtone telephone. Your voice file is then retrieved from a secure medical server with full level security by one of our medical transcription specialists. The work is then prepared, reviewed, proofread and verified using the latest medical resources to ensure accuracy. Your completed and formatted documents are then electronically transferred back to you within hours using the latest encryption technology. We take security very seriously to ensure that we not only meet but also exceed all HIPAA regulations relating to Electronic Transmission of Patient Information. In fact, all work is performed here in the United States by experts in the field of medical language.
Let us type your police reports, interviews, traffic accident reports, fire reports, witness and/or suspect interviews and wire taps. Police departments that utilize our digital call in dictation system will find a much simpler processing of their reporting requirements. The painstaking typing and paperwork that used to take hours, now takes only minutes. Departments will soon notice more efficient officers, more accurate reports and more financial savings. This translates into officers being able to spend more of their precious time serving and protecting their community.
Whether you are a Fortune 500 company or an individual entrepreneur we stand ready to assist with any of your transcription needs whether it be letters, memorandums, minutes of business meetings, presentations, conference calls or focus groups. We offer peace of mind, improved accuracy, efficiency, productivity, affordability and flexible solutions customized to your business transcription needs. Outsourcing your business transcription to ASAP Transcription Services lowers costs by eliminating capital expenditures while reducing operating costs. Your overall savings could be 50% per year or higher.
Would you like someone to help you compile your grocery checklist, your TO DO list or to assist with your daily correspondence? Students, do you need help typing your term papers or school assignments? We can help. Just give us a call. We're always open to new tasks and challenges.
Whether you are a small business owner with limited or no staff, a large corporation who needs assistance with overflow, a growing medical practice, or an individual with a project deadline who lacks the know-how or time to do it, ASAP Transcription Services can help. Hiring us as a Virtual Secretary can boost your efficiency and save you money.
At ASAP Transcription Services you will find a completely secure, reliable, cost-effective and flexible e-secretarial service. We provide professional, prompt and personalized attention to all of your typing needs, which is why we customize every document or project for your particular preference. Your work will always remain confidential and private.
Our intention is not to replace your secretary or assistant, but to assist you in reaching your desired business goals. We can save you time and money by taking on the tasks that your staff may be too busy to handle. With our help, your staff's time and energy will be spent on higher level projects, resulting in better productivity for you.
If you're short-handed, there is no need to take on additional administrative help or to hire a temp. It would be our pleasure to help you. Give us a try: you will not be disappointed!
Click here for a list of reasons why a Virtual Secretary is the right choice for you.
Because of our vast experience in data management and storage, hire us to organize and archive your important records and documents. We offer a variety of solutions to digitally capture and electronically store years of vital information. We also offer offsite document filing and storage. Our archiving system exceeds the standards outlined in the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA). Contact us for a free onsite consultation and assessment so that we can create a solution that is just right for you.
Do not let discarded information fall into the wrong hands. ASAP Transcription Services is also equipped to provide pick up and appropriate disposal of sensitive material. We can arrange a one time pick up of documents or set up an ongoing retrieval of material.